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Cat Eat Wedding Ring

Cat Eat Wedding Ring

My cat, Daisy, tried to bite my engagement ring off my finger every time she sees. The Vet said he would be throwing up, not eating, or eating and throwing up.
In the morning, only her engagement ring was there; wedding band nowhere to be found. It couldn't. Cats don't eat everything like dogs do.
Just kidding, don't eat it. I have a buddy with a fighting Pit Bull that can use the exercise. Just kidding about that too. Hope you find the ring! Old .
Whenever my cat sees me wearing rings, he bites at them. None of my other cats has ever shown interest in my jewelry. Why does he do this? Cats are very .
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If an animal swallowed a diamond ring, would they get sick? Or can they actually pass it through their intestines? I know my kitten got into my jewelry tray and .
There are many reasons cats eat weird nonfood items. Sometimes they're just hungry or it's accidental, but there are also medical reasons for strange feline .
One of our cats ate 13 hairties and needed emergency surgery to remove them…. . Sometimes, my cat bites my engagement ring, but I don't think he means to .
This elegant Diamond Cat Ears Ring with its Swarovski diamond ears and subtle, charming feline finesse will bring a bit of cat-titude to your daily look!
Dr. Debra – you aren't going to believe this but my dog ate my engagement ring. I had it out to show my parents (I am proposing on Valentines Day) and my lab .

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